What Rules Exists To Protect A President From Potential Congressional Harassment?

Office politics can be either a positive or negative influence on your career. If you aren't successful in dealing with it, you can lose your job, get demoted or be alienated from key projects or people. If you are successful in dealing with politics, you can gain access to key influential players inside the company and even gain a promotion. If you want to advance in your company, create more success, increase your responsibility and work on high profile projects, learn how to survive office politics that exist in your company and group. If you look around at the people who play the political game the best, they are the ones who get everyone to like them. The first key is getting people to like you, make sure they feel you are on their side. When you are liked, people are less inclined to battle you when the politics start to involve you or your work. When you get along with people, it makes it easier for others to support your ideas.

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